Mansfield Discovery Depot is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to MDD are tax deductible.

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If you’ve had a child at Mansfield Discovery Depot, you know it’s the home of superheroes.

You know that each morning, you hand your child your key card, lift him up, and watch his face light up as he hears the “click” of the card access.

You know that despite your pleas to use her “walking feet,” your child can’t help but run excitedly down the L-shaped hall.

You know that each staff member your child passes greets him by name and offers a high-five, or a “Bazinga!”

You know that as your child swings open that orange – or green, or purple, or peach, or teal, or yellow – door, she’s greeted by a teacher who knows her top five favorite animals, that bizarre face she makes when she needs to go potty, and exactly how to rub her back when she needs help falling asleep.

You know that your child will spend his day singing, drawing, reading, jumping, painting, eating, dancing, and learning – and getting outside into the biggest sandbox EVER.

But on those frigid Connecticut winter days, you know those two special words that make your child put on her “listening ears” as fast as she can: BIG ROOM!

You know that as you leave a chunk of your heart behind at MDD, your child’s meals will be wholesome; he will laugh with friends he will keep for life, and that if he falls, he will be picked up by loving hands and hugged back to happiness.

And you know that at the end of the day, as you’re buckling your child into her carseat, she’ll teach you the new song she learned, singing it at the top of her lungs all the way home.

Mansfield Discovery Depot is a second home to so many of us. But multiple financial pressures, such as increased cost of services from the Town and elimination of a UConn grant, have led to difficult financial times for MDD.

Please help support this gem of a child center that has nurtured so many of our children into the little people they are today.

Any amount will help. Please share with friends, family, and community members.

Thank you, so much, for your support!